Consulting Inspection Services, Inc.


Consulting Inspection Services, Inc. is a unique specialty company developing and continuously improving internal programs to assure quality, safety, integrity, and reliability for our customers.


We are a network of seasoned, experienced professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds that can supply the client with timely, innovative, and complete solutions.

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Member of ISNetworld  -  PICS (Pacific Industrial Contractor Screening - PEC/Premier Safety Management CISI received excellent ratings during independent vendor qualification audits performed by PEC/Premier Safety Management, PICS (Pacific Industrial Contractor Screening) and ISNetworld.

In your business, time is money. Consulting Inspection Services (CISI) can help you save time and money, meet your schedules, and comply with O.S.H.A. and industry regulations. We can help support your temporary inspection / engineering manpower needs with trained personnel who are reliable, safe, experienced, and professional.


CISI wants your downtime to be safe, constructive, and minimal, with reduced costs and increased reliability.  These are some of the benefits which come from following good inspection and engineering practices and by complying with the industry standards.  (ASME - NBIC - API - ASNT, and OSHA - 1910.119 Mechanical Integrity, and PSM regulations)


Our highly trained personnel can provide you with safe and reliable inspection, engineering, quality control, and other support. CISI personnel will perform thorough code inspections, write repair & replacement recommendations, verify the code repairs, perform and /or witness testing, and fully document their findings.

CISI will be the solution.


We will join with your management team to produce results.
What are the benefits? 
 Safety, Reduced costs, Reliability, Extended runs between maintenance outages!


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