Consulting Inspection Services, Inc.

'Providing Expertise with Experience'

Privately and Professionally owned and operated
solely in the USA for 20 continuous years.

The safety and integrity of any facility can only be maintained if there is a culture of safety awareness embedded at all levels of the organization.  We believe that all accidents are caused, and that none are the result of luck or happenstance.

CISI provides its clients the opportunity to eliminate the root cause of all accidents by providing seasoned professionals to review all policies and procedures, to examine documents, and to physically inspect equipment to ensure that the highest level of integrity is maintained.  All audits and inspections are based on proven guidelines (Process Safety Management), and industry codes and practices.

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How do managers improve their safety, reliability, cost controls and avoid unscheduled down time?  The knowledge and experience of planning, inspection, testing and your maintenance personnel is critical.  CISI will assist you by providing the most qualified and experienced inspectors holding multiple certifications with decades of experience.  Most of our inspectors started their careers as welders and first class craftsmen during full time employment at major manufacturer who provided extensive training.  After mandatory API testing to become certified, our inspectors training greatly progressed by learning process, metallurgy, welding technology, and multiple relevant skills.  CISI also provides our own copyrighted procedures and forms up to code with seasoned 24/7 tech support.  When you get serious about safety and reliability, CISI has the resources to provide the industries best service.

In the event deficiencies are found, CISI can help provide plans for remedial action.


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